Thursday, September 06, 2007

More Shayler fun

Last night, in an interview with More4 News, Mr Shayler made the astonishing claim that he had seen a psychic who he believes channelled the spirit of Mary Magdalene and anointed him as the Messiah.

The 41-year-old even claimed there is an anagram of "David Shayler, Righteous King" on the rod of Aaron, a staff carried by Moses' brother in the Old Testament.

He said: "I looked at that, except the word in Hebrew for King was "chav".

He also said his new-found divinity gave him the ability to change the weather, and that his meditation had stopped the summer's attempted bombings in London.

And he found time to channel the "light" into securing his beloved Middlesbrough football team a place in the 2006 UEFA cup final against Seville.

Sadly, his powers were not strong enough to ensure they won.


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